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Dianne’s Living In Balance (Mindfully) Guideposts

Thirteen tips to get you back in balance

Guidepost #1 - Rest

  • Sleep (7-8 hours per day)

Guidepost #2 - Breathe

Just breathe!! Use one of the breathing methods to calm yourself

  • Breathing – when you feel frantic or overwhelmed first BREATH!

  • 3 Breaths - Walk through the body (we did this when we started)

  • Dr. Amen 5 X 3(in/hold/out)X8 = 2 minutes of silence

  • Mindvalley video (check it out), many breathing techniques

  • Whatever works for you, just breathe DEEPLY, slowly in and out

  • You only hold anger for 90 seconds, so breath and then it will pass

  • Benefits of slow deep breathing – slows down the heart rate, calms the body, clears the mind, emotional states lower

Guidepost #3 - Meditation (daily)

Start with 5 minutes and work up to 30 minutes

  • So much research around the benefits of meditation (prayer/contemplation/silence)

  • Benefits of Meditation List

  • Oprah/Depak Chopra 21 Day Meditation series

  • MindValley/Omharmonics website

  • Silent Meditation

  • Blissapline – a discipline of meditation

  • Start with a small turtle step (eg. I will be silent for 5 minutes a day, I will take a yoga class)

Guidepost #4 - Regular Exercise

  • reduces stress, healthy for your body, include yoga, aerobic and strength training weekly

Guidepost #5 - Healthy Eating Habits

  • You only have one body, so take care of it; your body is what you feed it

Guidepost #6 - Self-care (play time)

  • Make time to have fun

  • Time for hobbies you enjoy doing

  • Self-AOK’s(Acts of Kindness) – mani/pedi, massage, pamper yourself

Guidepost #7 - Listen and trust your body and your intuition

  • Body Compass; Walking through the Body; Feeling the heartbeat, more

Guidepost #8 - Balanced Work

  • 8 hours or less should be the norm

Guidepost #9 - AOK’s for home life

  • kids to school, homework, laundry, cleaning, shopping, cooking, quality time with family/kids

Guidepost #10 - Gratitude, Love, Appreciation

  • Live every day filled with Gratitude, Love and Appreciation for what you have.

Guidepost #11 - Live in the moment

Guidepost #12 - Give Back

Guidepost #13 - Connection

A spiritual connection with a higher source than our ego self is essential to practicing mindful living. TRUST that the Universe is on your side. Live as if something good is about to happen every moment.

…..more guideposts coming!

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