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Special Opportunity
for YOU!

 For high-powered professional women seeking to regain wellness in their warrior (self).

 Introducing the Professional Woman’s Revival PowWow

Dear Warrior Woman,

Are you a high-powered, warrior woman who has been tirelessly navigating the corporate world, chained to your golden handcuffs, and losing sight of yourself, your priorities, and your family?

Are you feeling the weight of career exhaustion and losing control of your ability to stop, say no, and have time for yourself again? 

This is why I'm going to make time for YOU!

The Professional Woman’s Revival PowWow/Consultation will help you understand how to:

Uncover the secret to handling career exhaustion


Restore balance in family and career


Rejuvenate your physical body to feel in your 50's like you did in your 20's

FREE Coaching Session!

Regularly priced at $3,000,000 FREE only when you schedule today !

Here's what you'll get:

Are you ready to:
  • Make your health and life goals a priority

  • Be honest with yourself, take action and make changes

  • Invest your time in getting the support you need


Wellness Warrior Way:  Life Alignment Model

Next, we’ll identify your values and what really matters most in your life. Aligning your tasks with your values eliminates the “to do list treadmill” which is a source of constant and unnecessary stress. You’ll learn what habits are hurting you and keeping you from getting what you want. 


Wellness Warrior Way:  Mindset Reset Model

Now that you are familiar with what actions are aligned with your values, we’ll uncover the subconscious, limiting beliefs stopping you from creating the healthy lifestyle you crave. You’ll understand how your subconscious mind directly contributes to specific results in your life and learn new ways of seeing the world that dramatically improve your circumstances. This process begins to create new neural pathways in your brain that support your goals. 

What People Say

I worked with Dianne when making a big life decision. She coached me through several techniques that helped me effectively tap into my body's wisdom to find clarity and peace. I highly recommend working with her if you need to re-boot, re-align, or re-energize!

—  Marianne Richmond, author

My Story

Dianne Maldonado Hill

Life Wellness Coach

Owner Inspired for Life!


I get it! 

When I was working as a Director of Engineering at a high-tech company, I was burnt out and my priorities were out of sync with what I wanted in my life. 


I wanted to have a baby but I had 3 miscarriages while working in a high-stress career and a life that was out of balance. 


I finally decided to stand up for myself, what I desired, and my ideal life.


I left and in the end, I had the two beautiful children I always wanted, which is why I'm offering The Professional Woman’s Revival PowWow FREE to you!

During this exclusive, one-on-one consultation, we will cover some of these areas.

💡 Discover Warrior Wellness Secrets: I will share rejuvenation techniques to help you feel revitalized, energized, and ready to release the golden handcuffs once and for all

🌟 Craft Your Unique Warrior Roadmap: Together, we'll create a wellness warrior plan for total freedom in your career, revitalized family connection, and have time for yourself 

📈 Woman Warrior On Purpose: Elevate your warrior presence, purpose, and fulfillment in the corporate or business world or even a new career path

This complimentary consultation is a limited-time offer exclusively for high-powered professional women like yourself. Don't miss out on this opportunity to reclaim your inner warrior as a woman, a professional, and a mother.

📅 Book Your FREE Professional Woman’s Revival PowWow Today! 📅

A $395 value.

To reserve your spot for this exclusive session, click the link].

🔗 [CTA Button] Reserve Your Spot Now! 

P.S. Space is limited, and demand for this exclusive consultation is high. Secure your spot now and embark on the wellness warrior journey designed for YOU

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All Rights Reserved. 

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