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Brain Check Post

Holiday Greetings All!

I know Thanksgiving has passed but gratitude is something that I express everyday so with that, I wanted to share with you all some good news and how grateful I am for my family, my amazing friends and my one precious life. As some of you know, after I suffered from a hemorrhagic brain aneurysm in April of 2011, I have to get my brain checked about every 6 months to make sure the stents and coils in my brain remain intact and functioning well. I had what I am hoping is my last brain “check” last Monday and I am happy to announce that all is well and my body has “officially” accepted my new family. I have passed the timeframe where rejection of the hardware is more likely to happen and now the odds are very much in my favor that my stents and coils will be a permanent part of my body and my brain. I am forever grateful for my new family members, Hope (stent 1), Peace (stent 2) and Love (all my coils)! The journey to today has been challenging yet I feel nothing but gratitude for the experience.

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