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The Woman Wellness Warrior Way

8 Week Roadmap to a Happy, Healthy Life!

The Woman Wellness Warrior Way Roadmap

8 Week Virtual Group Program

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Welcome to the Woman Wellness Warrior Way Roadmap to a Happy, Healthy Life!

I created this signature program to address the physical, mental, and emotional health challenges that busy businesswomen face every day. This program is designed to create a roadmap from where you are today to where you want to be, so you can have the happy, healthy life that you deserve! 


Wellness Warrior Way:  Healthy Lifestyle Picture

We begin with understanding where you are and what is holding you back. Using a variety of tools, we’ll determine your current health, happiness, and life-balance. This information gives us a deeper understanding of where you need specific support including movement, nutrition, mindset, overall holistic wellness and more.


Wellness Warrior Way:  Life Alignment Model

Next, we’ll identify your values and what really matters most in your life. Aligning your tasks with your values eliminates the “to do list treadmill” which is a source of constant and unnecessary stress. You’ll learn what habits are hurting you and keeping you from getting what you want. 


Wellness Warrior Way:  Mindset Reset Model

Now that you are familiar with what actions are aligned with your values, we’ll uncover the subconscious, limiting beliefs stopping you from creating the healthy lifestyle you crave. You’ll understand how your subconscious mind directly contributes to specific results in your life and learn new ways of seeing the world that dramatically improve your circumstances. This process begins to create new neural pathways in your brain that support your goals. 


Wellness Warrior Way:  Mind/Body Connection Solution

The body never lies. The mind misleads you into patterns and behaviors that are out of alignment with your values which negatively impact your overall wellness and causes you stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. It’s crucial to understand how to continuously tap into the powerful wisdom of the body. You’ll learn simple yet powerful mind/body techniques and how to incorporate them into your daily life, immediately experiencing peace, freedom and clarity.


Wellness Warrior Way:  Positive Thought Model

Part of integrating a healthy lifestyle into your daily practice is to learn how to live mindfully, in the present moment.  In this module, you will recognize when your conscious thoughts and actions are keeping you stuck. Then you’ll learn to reframe those negative thoughts into positive affirmations and present moment awareness practices to keep you focused on the now, not on the past or future.


Wellness Warrior Way:  Maximized Energy Solution

In the energy management session, you’ll learn how to spend your energy and time on  activities that align with your values. These tools will help you manage your stress, prioritize what’s important, and have abundant energy every day!


Wellness Warrior Way:  Self-Care Blueprint

Overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from spending quality time with yourself and those you love. Often, we only practice true self-care when our bodies begin to break-down. Waiting until then is too late because you’ve already experienced the negative, cumulative effects. You’ll learn tools to create self-care habits and how to incorporate them into your daily life.


Living the Wellness Warrior Way

Together we’ll create your new “Wellness Warrior Way Lifestyle” Guide. Your personal action plan for continuing to move forward towards your new healthy lifestyle goals.

This comprehensive 8-week program includes:

proram details
  • 8 weekly 90 minute group calls

  • 8 weekly online videos to view on your time before your weekly group call

  • Private Facebook Group specifically for your cohort to ask questions, connect with other women to share experiences and goals, and create community

  • Weekly "Warrior Action" assignment to keep you moving forward and support your new way of being

  • 1 private, 60 minute, Wellness Warrior Way coaching session (approximately week 5)

  • Wellness Warrior Way Roadmap homework to support your 8-week journey

  • Use of for questions between group meeting sessions


Plus you get these 3 Bonuses!

  • BONUS #1: Two 15 minute “Powwow” calls when you are stuck and need support 

  • BONUS #2: Free VIP access to my "21 Days to Health and Self-Care" virtual summit in Spring 2021 

  • BONUS #3: A VIP ticket to the Women Wellness Warrior Way Healthy Living LIVE Weekend Retreat - Scheduled for Fall 2021. (We will meet in person, if safely allowed.)

satisfaction guarantee | Women Wellness Warrior Program

Happy Customer Guarantee

Your happiness is our goal. If you're not happy with the product, we'll make it right.

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Hi, I'm Dianne


Life Wellness Coach,

Owner Inspired for Life!

Being a Life Wellness Coach is the perfect synergy of my passions and experience. My 20 years of experience working in both the high-tech and health and wellness industries, brings a unique perspective to my coaching style. I absolutely love inspiring and motivating others to be at the top of their game physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Through my work, I help my clients become empowered to live a life of clear priorities, purpose, balance, and abundance. My passion is working with women 45+ who are lost in the chronic stress and busyness of everyday life and teaching them to live the mindful, healthy life they yearn for and deserve.​


What People Say

I worked with Dianne when making a big life decision. She coached me through several techniques that helped me effectively tap into my body's wisdom to find clarity and peace. I highly recommend working with her if you need to re-boot, re-align, or re-energize!

—  Marianne Richmond, author

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